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Abigail - Sheroes of the bible tee

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5 Things We Can Learn from the Wisdom and Courage of Abigail's Story

1. Don’t let fear hold you back – move forward in God’s courage and wisdom. 

“Abigail lost no time…” (1 Samuel 25:18)

2. Be humble and kind, seek peace with those around you.

“When Abigail saw David, she quickly got off her donkey and bowed down before David with her face to the ground. She fell at his feet and said: “My lord, let the blame be on me alone. Please let your servant speak to you, hear what your servant his to say…” (1 Samuel 25:23-24)

3. Our words and actions are powerful. Look to the bigger picture.

“Please forgive your servant’s offense, for the Lord will certainly make a lasting dynasty for my master, because he fights the Lord’s battles. Let no wrongdoing be found in you as long as you live. Even though someone is pursuing you to take your life, the life of my master will be bound securely in the bundle of the living by the Lord your God. But the lives of your enemies he will hurl away as from the pocket of a sling.” (1 Samuel 25:28-29)

4. A true warrior is loyal and faithful, thinking of others before themselves.

“When the Lord has done for my master every good thing he promised concerning him and has appointed him leader over Israel, my master will not have on his conscience the staggering burden of needless bloodshed or of having avenged himself. And when the Lord has brought my master success, remember your servant.” (1 Samuel 25:30-31)

5. Remember, God will fight for you. You are never alone.

“David said to Abigail, “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, who has sent you today to meet me. May you be blessed for your good judgment and for keeping me from bloodshed this day and from avenging myself with my own hands.” (1 Samuel 25:32-33)

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Amelia Heather

Love this tee, excellent quality and perfect gift for my daughter Abigail - who we named after this SHEROE. Thank you again HGYF for your ministry !