When you lose hope

What do you have to look forward to?
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
You cant let the evil ways of the world be the only thing you focus on. You will lose yourself in a world of pain and suffering. Stay hopeful and prayerful. There’s a lot of trials and tribulations to come, but with that comes lessons and wisdom. With each trial I become stronger and wiser.

When you live in doubt, you bow down to fear. I will continue to live life, and I will strive harder and harder each day to live it right, without fear of tomorrow. If tomorrow I die, I want to know that I lived a fulfilling life, with no regrets. It takes a strong woman to walk in complete faith, I know my God will not fail me and if it means tomorrow I am homeless I know he will provide shelter, if tomorrow I starve, I know he will feed me, if tomorrow I am persecuted for who I believe in, I know he will reward me when I return home one day.

I will pull my focus entirely to you Lord. Pull me away from the noise of this world, and let me only hear you. Let me seek you in my darkest times. Let me only hear you when the noise of the world drowns even my own voice out. Let me feel your peace and love pour over me like honey. I will not be steered away from what’s important. Keep me focused, keep me close, and keep me ready.

Do not let your heart weigh heavy. Cast your burdens onto him. Set yourself free from this cloud of doubt you have around you. This is spiritual warfare. This is where it starts. If you only ever worry about what tomorrow brings, you will never find true peace. Troubling times are coming, but to live in fear of it, is not walking in Faith. If tomorrow you lose your job, trust and know that God will provide. If tomorrow we starve, know that God will provide. If tomorrow we are homeless, know that God will provide. 

Rejoice in HOPE! 

Faith Peseta 

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