Losing it all, so you have everything to gain.

A painful and lonely place to be, but an exciting future ahead is what you’ll soon learn to see. Soon to understand, that everything has already been planned. The good and bad. Nothing that’s happened is new.

It’s all recycled behaviour. Humans have never learnt.  Our behaviour has never truly evolved, but simply adapted to the times. A constant battle to be above the others, to be in control. A desperate grab to feel like you’re in control of your life, when in reality you never were.

Everything has already been planned, since the day you were born. You cannot run from that fact. Life is unpredictable because you run from your purpose. When you are set on your path that God has intended there is nothing that you are unsure of. You will know...

 Everybody is trying to find their place In the world. Trying to desperately stand out from the crowd, but my brothers and sisters, the apple never falls too far from the tree. You will find peace in this chaos as long as you choose to acknowledge that he is the beginning and the end. When will you grow tired of searching? When will this cycle end?

No more questions. You have the answers.

Choose.......Cause the question comes down to…
Where do you want to spend eternity?

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Thanks for this has been eyeing opening for me more blessings .
Thanks Holy Spirit.

Phiona Cecilia

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